(Vintage 365) Found: affordable vintage style seamed stockings

? Day 28 of Vintage 365 ?

If, like me, you happen to live in a climate that gets mighty chilly in the winter, you may find yourself sporting more hosiery during this nippy season that at other times of the year. From knee highs to opaque tights to sheer nylons, for those who wish to don skirts and dresses no matter the weather, stockings of some capacity are often on the bill.

Perhaps because I don’t have the biggest of winter wardrobes, I often wear clothing intended for other seasons (think summer dresses, autumn cardigans, spring skirts) that I make winter-appropriate by adding items such as sweaters, blouses and hosiery (as I’m sure many of my fellow vintageistas do, too). There’s much to be said for creating a four season wardrobe, and the time-honoured stocking can go a long way to helping you achieve that.

I love the look and feel of wearing stockings and tights, especially when the mercy drops and my toes suddenly feel colder than an icicle. Like many vintage loving gals, seamed stockings are a perpetual favourite of mine. There is something so deeply, immortally timeless about the elegant, sweetly alluring beauty of a thin seem running up the back of one’s legs that instantly invokes thoughts of yesteryear dames, pin-ups, and everyday women alike.

With winter still very much in progress around these parts, I’ll definitely be keeping my legwear in heavy rotation for a few more weeks at least! (Truth be told, I’ll wear stockings on even the hottest of days, but generally I don’t mind forgoing hosiery when the humid summer months come barrelling into town.) As such I thought I’d go poking around the internet to see if I could find a fairly good price on seamed stockings, and came across a fabulous UK based seller (of vintage inspired clothing and accessories) called Lady Jojo’s Boutique which sells classically styled black (see photo above) and nude seamed stockings for a reasonable £5.00 a pair.

According to the description on the site these affordable, vintage inspired beauties are "as hard-wearing as they are comfortable, and as practical as they are glamorous." Say no more, I’m sold! 🙂 Boasting a Cuban heel, slightly raised seam, and made from 100% nylon, these great seamed stockings are just the thing to stock up (pun intended) on to see you, me, and all our fellow old school fashion lovers through the rest of this freezing winter – and well beyond!

Source: http://www.chronicallyvintage.com/2011/01/vintage-365-found-affordable-vintage.html

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