Grading The Super Bowl XLV Movie Trailers


With the Bears out of contention, Super Bowl XLV is all about the commercials for us at Hammervision – especially the movie trailers.   Steelers?  Packers?  Not important.  Super 8?  Captain America?  Now, you’re speaking my language.  We all know that advertising airtime costs a butt load, but studios have to get people excited about their tentpole movies.  So, was the money well spent?  Which movies look the best?  And which ads gave audiences new content, rather than just the same old footage we’ve already seen?  Let’s grade ’em!  Oh, and if you missed any of them or just want to re-watch them, head over to where you can watch all of the Super Bowl movie trailers.  But just because I can’t resist, here’s Super 8’s Super Bowl trailer:



nicki minaj Carmen Sandiego Cheryl Burke Sarah Michelle

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