Vintage 365: Richly elegant 1930s inspired bedroom exudes timeless appeal

? Day 54 of Vintage 365 ?

Oftentimes when I point out some element of home decor to my husband, he’ll grin a little and say with a twinkle in his eye, "You’re so baroque". It’s true, there’s no denying it – and I see nary a reason to skirt around the fact that for as long as I can recall I’ve been drawn to regally elegant, immensely beautiful style that has a definitive old world (and old school!) element to it (think Georgian, Regency, or Victoria era styles).

Though I don’t have any desire to deck my abode out to look it could have been plucked from Liberace’s wardrobe, I do adore a sense of grandeur, ornate detailing and beguilingly sublime style in the rooms and furniture that beckon to me.

When I chance upon such decor that also happens includes a distinctly mid-twentieth century element as well, it’s all I can do to keep from going week in the knees (which would call for one of those enchanting Victorian fainting couches I’m always hinting to the mister that I’d love to own).

While perusing the pages of Elle Decor magazine’s site this week, I spotted just such a room (which was styled by skilled decorator Miles Redd, whose work bursts with opulence and ageless beauty). Though the colour palette is a bit different from what I usually favour, there’s something so terrifically sophisticated – one might say down right stately – about this 1930s inspired, antique furniture filled bedroom that I had to share it with you at once.

Though the furnishings are commanding and very, very solid looking, there’s an almost surprising lightness to this enchanting bedroom which comes via the playful blue floral wallpaper, classic white crown molding, and transparent chandelier.

This is the kind of superbly designed, undeniably inspiring room that borrows from different centuries and decades, yet never looks dated in any way. It’s both commanding and reserved at once, graceful as the day is long, and most definitely a fair bit baroque – which suits me to a tee (just ask my husband).


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